Anti-racist artwork smeared

On Friday night, a work of art was destroyed in Menzelstrasse, that draws attention to the attempted murder of a Kassel taxi driver at the end of June. It is a billboard, which reads “A city is beautiful then, when there are no racists here!“ …

Kutschera: Sedition process

Ulrich Kutschera is due to an injury to the people, Accused of insult and untrue factual allegation. The Kassel professor of plant physiology has had to interrupt his procedure after almost a year 20. July again responsible to the prosecutor in court.

Find the culprit! Car parade against racism

Under the motto “Find the culprit!” demonstrated numerous people from Kassel with a car on Wednesday afternoon- and a bicycle parade for the complete investigation of the probably racially motivated attempted murder of a mini car driver from Kassel.

Who helped the NSU in Kassel?

2011 the police in Zwickau found numerous notes and cards in the NSU building. Another small detail suggests this, that there was support from the Kassel neo-Nazi scene.