Police arbitrarily check passers-by

Am 28. August wurden fünf Personen auf ihrem Weg zum Kaffee trinken beim Bioladen Schmackes von der Polizei kontrolliert. Vorgworfen wurden ihnen keine konkreten Straftaten, sondernAnlass war allein die Vermutung, sie würden morgen an einer Aktion von “Disarm Rheinmetall” teilnehmen.

„Tear this down!“

Name with a racist connotation: Black and People of Color group calls for the renaming of the Mohren pharmacy in an open letter.

vigil: Memory of the victims of the racist attack in Hanau

As in many other German cities, on 19. August also in Kassel due to a racist terrorist attack in Hanau in February 2020 murdered people thought. To keep the memory alive six months after the attack, the foreigners' council of the city of Kassel had called for a vigil in front of the town hall.

Collectives network

Collective farms in Kassel have been networking for two and a half years. They want to make their goals known through joint campaigns: equal decision-making structures and shared ownership in the workplace.

Kutschera: Convicted of insult

On Monday, Professor Ulrich Kutschera from Kassel was interviewed based on his statements “kath.net” sentenced. The judge at the Kassel District Court saw the offense of insulting.