“Nach dem Rechten sehen”

In the second week of September that took place in the north of Kassel “Nach dem Rechten sehen” Festival takes place. Hundreds of people came to hear together over five days, Discuss and spend time together.

Demo on the occasion 5 Jahre ‘march of hope’

Am 05.09.2020 fand in Kassel die Demonstration „We’ll come united- 5 years march of hope“ statt. round 200 Protesters moved from the main train station to the city center, to demonstrate against racism and the restrictive migration policy of the federal government.

Prepare for day X

A49 construction site: The Dannenröder forest in the Vogelsbergkreis has been occupied for a year, to prevent it from being cleared. There are many indications of this, that eviction is imminent. We spoke to one of the squatters on site from "Forest instead of asphalt".