Lateral thinker, Mahatma Gandhi and police in Kassel on 20.03.21

Festival of Infections

On Saturday the 20.03.2021 The nationwide lateral thinker movement met in Kassel for a protest- and infection happening for or against goals that are not very clearly defined. Despite violent attacks on outsiders, Forbidden elevator and minor riots, the police officers decided to support the event and to beat leftists.

House searches of Kurdish activists

Last Thursday, the 11. March 2021 there was another repression against active members of the Kurdish cultural association. The police searched a total of five objects and numerous cars of three suspects. They are accused, To have raised money for the PKK.

8. March demonstration in Kassel

About 1.500 People took part in this year's demonstration for 8. March in Kassel. Despite the ongoing corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictions, significantly more people took to the streets on the international feminist day of struggle than in the previous year.

Autobahn despite the climate crisis: What about the further construction of the A44

Forest fires, Droughts, Weather disasters. In view of the recurring reports about the catastrophic consequences of global climate change, the construction of a motorway seems out of date. Nevertheless, the A44 from Kassel in the direction of Harleshausen is to be extended to Thuringia. Because the building project does not at all reflect the necessary rethinking of climate, environment- and transport policy, there is political resistance.

"Leyla und Meryem: STAY!“

On Monday the 01.03.2021 demanded around 200 People in front of the town hall “Leyla and Meryem: stay". They demonstrated for the secure residence and a work permit for Leyla and Meryem Lacin. The rally was organized by the initiative for Leyla and Meryem consisting of friends of Leyla and Meryem.