Meat company Plukon: Industrial exploitation at the gates of Kassel

The meat company Plukon operates in Gudensberg, knapp 20 km southwest of Kassel, Hesse's largest poultry slaughterhouse. There will be about 130.000 Chickens slaughtered per day. Plukon is over with a total 425 Million chickens killed each year the second largest chicken company in the EU – and thus a central player in the …

“150 Years of resistance to §218”

Knapp 150 People followed on 15. May to the call of various feminist initiatives 150 Years of resistance to the so-called abortion paragraph §218 to remember. 1871 the prohibition of abortion was included in the then Reich Criminal Code and has existed since then. Der Paragraph wurde zwar über die Zeit mit

Politics against the poor in the Wesertor

Since 7. April 2021 the city administration of Kassel dismantled all seating on Wesertorplatz and blocked off the framework of the benches with construction fences. The benches are mainly used by the homeless and the drinking scene. The seemingly absurd measure takes place within a context, in which the poor are to be driven out of the district and the district is upgraded. A commentary by Christoph Hepp.

Demo “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " at the 08. May

The initiative organized on Liberation Day “Anti-fascist May” a demonstration with several intermediate rallies, at the up to 500 People participated. Under the motto “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " attention was drawn to right-wing activities in Kassel and left-wing struggles were taken to the streets.

“Place of the Resistant Women”

Am 30. April feminists celebrated Walpurgis Night with a demonstration in Kassel. The night before, the place at the Goethestern was in the “Place of the Resistant Women” renamed. The activists want to draw attention to the ongoing violence against women and re-own a place with decades of feminist tradition.