Femicide in Bad Arolsen

Am vergangenen Montag wurde in Bad Arolsen eine 32-jährige Frau von ihrem Ehemann mit mehreren Messerstichen getötet. In Kassel, the murdered woman was remembered at a vigil and the act classified as femicide.

Die Knastrevolte in der ‘Elwe’

Am 24.07. is the anniversary of the revolt from approx. 40 Deportation detainees in the Kassel JVA 'Elwe' for 27. Times. The revolting protesters protested against the threat of deportation and the disastrous conditions of detention.

20 Years later: From Kassel to the G8 summit in Genoa

Am 20. July 2001 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani died when the Italian Carabinieri were shot at the G8 summit in Genoa. A short conversation with two people from Kassel about the summit protests in the Italian port city and what political significance the death still has today.