Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel on 04.09.2021

Freedom for Lina demonstration in Kassel

Last Saturday the 4. September demonstrated in Kassel for example 200 People for the release of the anti-fascist Lina. The student, originally from Kassel, has been sitting since November 2020 in custody. You and three other people are charged, Preparing and carrying out attacks on neo-Nazis. After we had a conversation with Lina's mother in February, let's take the demonstration as an opportunity, to pursue the question, what has happened since then.

20 Years later: From Kassel to the G8 summit in Genoa

Am 20. July 2001 23-year-old Carlo Giuliani died when the Italian Carabinieri were shot at the G8 summit in Genoa. A short conversation with two people from Kassel about the summit protests in the Italian port city and what political significance the death still has today.

House searches of Kurdish activists

Last Thursday, the 11. March 2021 there was another repression against active members of the Kurdish cultural association. The police searched a total of five objects and numerous cars of three suspects. They are accused, To have raised money for the PKK.

8. March demonstration in Kassel

About 1.500 People took part in this year's demonstration for 8. March in Kassel. Despite the ongoing corona pandemic and the corresponding restrictions, significantly more people took to the streets on the international feminist day of struggle than in the previous year.

Suddenly turned into a terrorist

Lina comes from Kassel, is 25 year old, Student and has been in custody for four months. The federal prosecutor accuses her of participating in two attacks on a bar known as a neo-Nazi meeting place in Eisenach and its operator. We took a closer look at the case and talked to Lina's mother about it, how it is, when the daughter is suddenly supposed to be “Germany's most dangerous left-wing extremist”.

Rally after the murder of women in Fulda

About a dozen people came on Friday, 18. December, spontaneously together on the Kassel Königsplatz, to draw attention to the fate of the killed doctor in Fulda. The 35-year-old was found dead and with cuts on her neck in the backyard of her home earlier this month. …