Rally after the murder of women in Fulda

About a dozen people came on Friday, 18. December, spontaneously together on the Kassel Königsplatz, to draw attention to the fate of the killed doctor in Fulda. The 35-year-old was found dead and with cuts on her neck in the backyard of her home earlier this month. …

Prepare for day X

A49 construction site: The Dannenröder forest in the Vogelsbergkreis has been occupied for a year, to prevent it from being cleared. There are many indications of this, that eviction is imminent. We spoke to one of the squatters on site from "Forest instead of asphalt".

„Tear this down!“

Name with a racist connotation: Black and People of Color group calls for the renaming of the Mohren pharmacy in an open letter.

Collectives network

Collective farms in Kassel have been networking for two and a half years. They want to make their goals known through joint campaigns: equal decision-making structures and shared ownership in the workplace.

Who helped the NSU in Kassel?

2011 the police in Zwickau found numerous notes and cards in the NSU building. Another small detail suggests this, that there was support from the Kassel neo-Nazi scene.

Black Lives Matter rally in Kassel

Up to 3000 People participated in 6. June at a rally in front of Kassel's main train station, to express their solidarity with the protests against racism and police violence in the United States.

75 Years of liberation - 8. May 2020 in Kassel

Am 8. May public events also took place in Kassel despite Corona, to approach the end of the war 75 Years to remember. Numerous left groups were calling for the German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB), Kassel Peace Forum and Association of Those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime - Association of Antifascists …

The Kasseler, who defected to the Red Army

Before today 75 years, am 8. May 1945 The Second World War in Germany ended with the unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht. The Kassel communist Willi Belz experienced the long-awaited end of Hitler's Germany on the Eastern Front, but on the side of the Red Army.

rally: “Stop the attacks on Mexmûr!“

About 25 People made on 6. May in the center of Kassel became aware of the attacks on the Mexmûr refugee camp. The Kassel group of the Association of Students from Kurdistan (YXK) had called for the rally on Königsplatz. The night before, reconnaissance planes had circled over the camp …

Corona rally in the West: Who invited the AfD?

Am 25. April a rally against the current restrictions on public life due to the corona pandemic took place on Kassel's Bebelplatz. The assembly in Kassel is part of the “Not without us!“-Initiative, which calls for protests nationwide. The call on the occasion of the rather controversial topic were on …

Rise of the shit jobs

Hospital staff, Logistics industry and retail employees: The current crisis also shows in Kassel, whose work is essential for our society. A conversation with Luisa, who works in a supermarket.

Protests against EU border policy

Am 04.03.2020 participated about 350 People at the protests against the border policy of the European Union. At the rally under the motto “Border on! save lives!“The Kassel pier had spontaneously mobilized, after the situation on the Greek-Turkish border has deteriorated drastically for days. In …

Tired of the war – A conversation about Iran

At the beginning of the year, the US armed forces killed the Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. The following international crisis was omnipresent for a short time. We spoke with the Kassel Shami Salwati about the incident and the current situation in Iran.

rally: 75 Years Auschwitz liberation

About 100 People followed on 27.01. the call of the Association of Those Persecuted by the Nazi Regime - Association of Antifascists (VVN-BdA) as well as the Open Antifa Meeting and took part in a memorial rally on the occasion of 75. Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp by the Red Army …

Paula Lohagen: Remembering a Kassel Antifaschistin

Paula Lohagen be am 17. January 1897 Born in Herford and lived until their deportation by the Nazis in the Garden Street 27 in the district of Kassel Wesertor. As avowed socialist she was active after the ban of their party in an anti-fascist resistance group. For her in it …