The oldest clinic in Kassel is now in private hands

In June 2021 one of the oldest hospitals in Kassel had to file for bankruptcy. At the beginning of September this year, the health group Fresenius took over the financially troubled DRK clinics, which will be continued as Helios clinics in the future. An article about missed opportunities and the impact of private sector interests in healthcare.

Meat company Plukon: Industrial exploitation at the gates of Kassel

The meat company Plukon operates in Gudensberg, knapp 20 km southwest of Kassel, Hesse's largest poultry slaughterhouse. There will be about 130.000 Chickens slaughtered per day. Plukon is over with a total 425 Million chickens killed each year the second largest chicken company in the EU – and thus a central player in the …

Demo “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " at the 08. May

The initiative organized on Liberation Day “Anti-fascist May” a demonstration with several intermediate rallies, at the up to 500 People participated. Under the motto “Remember. resistance. Consequences. " attention was drawn to right-wing activities in Kassel and left-wing struggles were taken to the streets.

The battle for "above"

Am 5.12.2020 Several hundred activists took part in an end-of-the-terrain campaign in the Dannenröder forest, to support the occupation there. The forest squatters and activists who had arrived prevented the day, that the clearing was continued.

Police arbitrarily check passers-by

Am 28. August wurden fünf Personen auf ihrem Weg zum Kaffee trinken beim Bioladen Schmackes von der Polizei kontrolliert. Vorgworfen wurden ihnen keine konkreten Straftaten, sondernAnlass war allein die Vermutung, sie würden morgen an einer Aktion von “Disarm Rheinmetall” teilnehmen.

With the public bus to the Nazi march

20. July 2019, Nazi parade in Kassel. During the local traffic comes to a standstill, some of the neo-Nazis are being driven to the starting point of their demonstration by a regular bus. How does that fit the image of the city, decided to have tried, to prevent the deployment?