Rally against police violence

Knapp 100 People have on 31. March 2021 Demonstrated against police violence in front of the main train station. The rally was held at short notice on the occasion of a current case of police violence, which had happened the previous evening in Kassel, called.

Autobahn despite the climate crisis: What about the further construction of the A44

Forest fires, Droughts, Weather disasters. In view of the recurring reports about the catastrophic consequences of global climate change, the construction of a motorway seems out of date. Nevertheless, the A44 from Kassel in the direction of Harleshausen is to be extended to Thuringia. Because the building project does not at all reflect the necessary rethinking of climate, environment- and transport policy, there is political resistance.

Commemoration of the victims of National Socialism

On the occasion of the “Day of Remembrance of the Victims of National Socialism”, the 27. January 2021, had the local association of those persecuted by the Nazi regime – Association of Antifascists (VVN-BdA) called for decentralized and virtual commemoration.

You don't kill “out of love”

An excerpt from the situation in Kassel provides information about the background and prevention options for violence against women in heterosexual partnerships.

Rally for decentralized accommodation for refugees

70 People have on 29. October 2020 one 17:30 Demonstrated in front of the town hall for the decentralized accommodation of refugees and access to medical care for all people. The protest was directed against the living conditions in the initial reception facility for refugees in Kassel Niederzwehren.

vigil: Memory of the victims of the racist attack in Hanau

As in many other German cities, on 19. August also in Kassel due to a racist terrorist attack in Hanau in February 2020 murdered people thought. To keep the memory alive six months after the attack, the foreigners' council of the city of Kassel had called for a vigil in front of the town hall.