Femicide in Bad Arolsen

Last Monday in Bad Arolsen, a 32-year-old woman was killed by her husband with several knife wounds. In Kassel, the murdered woman was remembered at a vigil and the act classified as femicide.

“Place of the Resistant Women”

Am 30. April feminists celebrated Walpurgis Night with a demonstration in Kassel. The night before, the place at the Goethestern was in the “Place of the Resistant Women” renamed. The activists want to draw attention to the ongoing violence against women and re-own a place with decades of feminist tradition.

“Lockdown for production”

On the evening of 24. April 2021 to have 50 People spontaneously demonstrated on the occasion of the recently introduced curfew in downtown Kassel. As in many other cities, a solidarity shutdown to combat the pandemic was called for instead of an authoritarian symbolic policy of the federal government.

“they did not want, that it will be public”

middle of March 2021 a video became public, that documents, like a paramedic beats a man tied to a couch with all his might. We have with the victim, Amar, talked about how he looks at the media coverage of the incident as well as the lack of legal processing and what consequences the assault has for him.

Start of the Lübcke investigation committee

“What did the right-wing extremist scene in Northern Hesse look like??” – this question was the focus of the first public meeting of the committee of inquiry into the murder of Walter Lübcke in the Hessian state parliament. In the committee, the political environment of Stephan Ernst and Markus Hartmann is to be clarified and any misconduct by the security authorities to be determined.

End of process: “Solidarity with those affected by right-wing terror!”

Stephan Ernst was closed because of the murder of Walter Lübcke 15 Sentenced to years in prison, his alleged helper Markus Hartmann was able to leave the courtroom as a free man. Punishment for attacking Ahmid I with a knife. was not imposed in Frankfurt. Protest against this judgment and against right-wing terror in Germany formed locally and in Kassel.

Warning strike in the hospital

500 Employees of the Kassel Clinic stopped working on Wednesday and Thursday. They strike for 4,8% more wages, better training conditions and equalization of the lower wage groups.

Corona outbreak in the initial reception center

On Thursday, Kassel was officially declared a corona risk area. The trigger was the infection of at least one that had become known the day before 112 Residents of the refugee facility in Niederzwehren. We spoke to a resident by phone about the local conditions.