Warning strike in the hospital

500 Employees of the Kassel Clinic stopped working on Wednesday and Thursday. They strike for 4,8% more wages, better training conditions and equalization of the lower wage groups.

Corona outbreak in the initial reception center

On Thursday, Kassel was officially declared a corona risk area. The trigger was the infection of at least one that had become known the day before 112 Residents of the refugee facility in Niederzwehren. We spoke to a resident by phone about the local conditions.

“To check if everything is fine”

In the second week of September that took place in the north of Kassel “To check if everything is fine” Festival takes place. Hundreds of people came to hear together over five days, Discuss and spend time together.

Kutschera: Convicted of insult

On Monday, Professor Ulrich Kutschera from Kassel was interviewed based on his statements “kath.net” sentenced. The judge at the Kassel District Court saw the offense of insulting.

Kutschera: Sedition process

Ulrich Kutschera is due to an injury to the people, Accused of insult and untrue factual allegation. The Kassel professor of plant physiology has had to interrupt his procedure after almost a year 20. July again responsible to the prosecutor in court.

Litigation against Stephan Ernst in Frankfurt

In Frankfurt was on 16. June the criminal proceedings for the murder of the former Kassel District President Walter Lübcke and the attempted killing of Ahmad E.. opened. The acts are reported to the main defendant Stephan E. and his alleged accomplice Markus H. accused at the higher regional court by the federal prosecutor's office. After Several …