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The decentralized is also in Corona mode: After the cancellation of all cultural events, we continue with virtual formats: So we collect on the power adapter Dates of online events, the press office continues to tirelessly produce blog posts and the printed matter switches to home office mode.
Außerdem sammeln wir auf dieser Seite Fundraisers and Support actions in and around Kassel.

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The global spread of COVID-19 has been the dominant topic for weeks. Given the scale of the pandemic, it is understandable, that other topics take a back seat. After all, the virus is an acute danger to life for many people. At the moment, public life in Germany is almost completely lost due to the protective measures taken.

The long-term consequences of the current exceptional situation have so far been difficult to predict. Many people are already not only at risk for their health, but also existentially threatened by loss of job or income due to the general restrictions. No wonder, that everything is currently about the corona virus.

How things will go for the decentralized one

The decentralized has also adjusted to the new situation: Im decentralized power supply, our online calendar, we will probably only list online appointments until the end of April, which can also be attended from home. We have removed all other events from the calendar for the time being, because it can be assumed, that all events are canceled anyway (even if the Facebook events sometimes claim otherwise).

You can of course continue to use yours as usual Submit appointments: who doesn't want to be distracted in times of Corona?? Give us tips, what's going on: streamed concerts or lectures, Online-Screenings, etc.
As soon as the situation relaxes, of course we also collect offline events again.

With the decentralized press office we will both take up the current ubiquitous crisis and continue to consciously publish articles, that have nothing to do with Corona. At the decentralized printed matter #6 we continue to work in the home office.

On this page, we also endeavor to compile a small selection of selected information pages and initiatives in and from Kassel.

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