Martial arts group for TransInterQueerLesBIs & Friends

20:15 - 21:45

Sports hall Friedrich Wöhlerschule


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You want to try out martial arts in a relaxed and sweaty atmosphere? Nevertheless, you are not committed to ONE sport? Then come and visit us for a trial training session.

We, these are mainly trans-, intersex, queer and lesbian people from Kassel and the surrounding area, who like to trans-, intersex, queer people & friends rangeln, sweat and (kick-)want to box.

Our training always begins with a short "How am I here today lap". Then we warm up properly and practice various techniques from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing. Of course, there are strengthening exercises, Stretching and relaxation not too short.

We appreciate an atmosphere, in which we learn with and from each other, to practice, and try us out. That means fun is in the foreground, We think the pressure to perform is stupid, But if we get ambitious, that's okay. We all know annoying body comments, especially in sports, and therefore consider them to be dispensable. You don't need any previous knowledge to join us. So we want a sensitive approach to different sports skills and individual mental and physical limits.

We have been around since May 2017. The group emerged from an initiative of the queer-feminist political group qrew Kassel. Up until now there were often only sports activities in Kassel, that excluded us with bisexual offers and changing rooms or that were explicitly aimed only at women.

Our training is explicitly aimed at all people from the trans * spectrum. For example, trans * feminine can do that, be trans * masculine or genderqueere persons. We exclude cis masculinity in our training (so men who were raised as boys and continue to live in a male gender), even if we are aware, that queer cis males can also be exposed to discrimination in popular sports. We want to be aware of it, that gender cannot be automatically read from bodies and that the pronoun or how a person wants to be addressed, does not necessarily reveal this.

So if you feel like dating- and have empowering movement, Then come by or contact the qrew Kassel beforehand (queerkassel ät or dynamo wind turbine (info ät We look forward to you!

general information:
When: Wednesdays at 8.15 p.m.
Where: Sports hall Friedrich Wöhlerschule, Philosophenweg 9, Kassel
Trainer: True Veltum

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