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bonanza, Kassel

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Concrete is needed, Concrete is needed…

Moshpitcrew Cassel presented:

HASS (German punk Ruhr area)

Back in the year 1978. Four boys from Marl and Recklinghausen found a punk band, which differs significantly from its role models in one point - its texts are German. And from then on they made their name into a program: HASS!

Her debut EP will soon be followed by the debut album "Hate alone is no longer enough", one of the first Deutschpunk LPs ever. With uncompromising and in a nutshell texts, that everyone understands, meet the nerve of the times and earn a huge fan base with countless appearances. With "Give the pack what they need" publish HASS 1990 another album classic and shape the scene like no other band. The bigger the shock, when they had seven albums and 20 Decide years later, sang- and disappear silently from the scene. Her last album “Endstation” remains until now.
The German punk luminaries take six years to complete, until they are 2007 go on a farewell tour, where they are writing "for the very last time".
At this point they are serious. Fortunately, opinions change.

The memories of over 30 Years of band history and countless concerts leave the band in peace and so it becomes, at the height of their withdrawal, clear: "Either we take off or we die!“. The latter is not an option and after the first rehearsals it is clear, HASS still have the same musical power and gift, to write razor-sharp texts. So they go in June 2013 into the studio and do that, where nobody expected anymore: You are recording a new album.

In March 2014 the new record called "Kacktus" will appear, that no Deutschpunk fan has dared to dream of and the band itself can hardly wait, to go on tour with their new and old songs, to continue right there, where everything stopped way too early: "We have a huge buck ... we hope you too!“

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