concert: Kopfecho


bonanza, Kassel

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KOPFECHO are a band, in which it simmers. It has to get out, what concerns them. The five-piece band from Düsseldorf around singer Amy makes AlternaPunk. Your music is sometimes angry and critical of society, sometimes tender or euphoric and full of joie de vivre. The lyrics arise from the heart and anger in the stomach. Authentic and handmade.

But above all, KOPFECHO are a band, that you have to see live. Your performances are full of energy: The band exhausts itself, Amy whirls across the stage, sings snotty and screams her feelings, but also the delicate ones, vulnerable moments are not missing. Together with their fans, the band has grown in recent years. Bei Support-Shows u. a. for the BROILERS, MASS DEFECTIVE and many festivals such as u. a. they have proven the open flair and Olgas rock, that they're not just in small clubs, but also inspire on big stages. In the autumn 2019 more shows are coming together with ENGST and the KILLERPILZEN, Beginning 2020 the successor of the debut album "SEHEN / HÖREN / FÜHLEN" will appear and will be accompanied by its own tour.


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