Blossoming Stories

18:00 - 20:00

Staatstheater Kassel

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In the palm of your hand you hold a little revolution, something that can change the face of the earth. Change the landscape of Kassel through little acts of reclamation. In this event we will gather in the Staatstheater to collectively create seedballs with crowd sourced seeds from the Kassel community. Seeds with ecological restoration properties and connected to the history and environment of Kassel.

In this workshop we will come together to create wildflower seedballs, using the technique developed by Masanobu Fukuoka, and used by various Guerilla gardeners as a way to reclaim the city with seeds of environmental restoration local to Kassel.

The event aims to plant seeds of change, seeds of restoration which has, for a long time, been a metaphor for the Documenta. An action by artists and citizens alike with of course the great example of Joseph Beuys who planted 7000 Oak trees around Kassel and The Vietnamese immigrant Garden.

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