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Lower Koenigsstrasse

Am 05. September at 15 Uhr opens the month-long open-air experiment on Untere Koenigsstrasse! from 04. September to 03. October will be the road between Am Stern and Holländischer Platz [...]


HALLE 2 - green Lane 15-17, Kassel

The garden on the back of the moon fragments, unseen and yet experienced all stories, all memories revealed by a silver cloud of milk from the hidden space behind empty, laden Overwhelmingly nutritious [...]



With the exhibition “Double Room”, the artist couple Silvia and Lutz Freyer conclude a trilogy in the Huguenot House in Kassel's city center. The show, the off 16. July can be seen, follows the exhibitions [...]


Bali cinemas and film shop

Further information: Hello, here the specter of freedom announces itself. Since the dawn of cinema culture, this misshapen thing has always enjoyed flashing cheekily and unexpectedly, brazen and implacable [...]
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