about the dezentrale

Make diversity visible: As a platform for subculture, arts and politics the dezentrale tries to , make visible the diversity of events and actions, which take place every day in Kassel, This platform wants to , gather the numerous grassroots initiatives and collectives of Kassel on one platform. We devote ourselves specifically to content from subcultures, arts and politics, which normally receive little public attention.

The dezentrale is an independent network, made up of individuals from various Kassel initiatives. The project currently consists of three sections, each working independently as a working group: the Pressestelle (reports and press coverage), Drucksache (city ​​magazine) and Netzteil (Online event calendar and directory).

We are always open to new collaborations, project ideas and people, who want to participate in the dezentrale: join us 😉

from clandestzine to dezentrale

The dezentrale went 2017 from the clandestzine – less staff, as ideal and financial. Maybe we were just the last fans. Between 2010 and 2013 the Zineasten did really nice things – per month, analog, in black and white. In addition to appointments, there were content-related contributions: texts, Collagen, Reports, usw. — from time to time for a substantive focus. For each edition of the printed zines another person took over the graphic design. Quantity depending on Faltaufwand 300 to 500 piece.

between paper plane and spaceshuttle

The decentralized is trying to think a little further today and is currently accelerating somewhere between the paper planes of the Clandestzines and a climate-neutral space shuttle with internet drive. We have remained faithful to the idea, that people, Things and ideas have to be visible first – in Terminkalendern, Debattenbeiträgen, at events, in Zines – before they can connect, to work on society, in which you want to live. We are a collective, looking for old and new formats, to make this thought practical.

get involved

There are different ways, how you can participate in the decentralized – auch über neue Projektideen, die im Rahmen der dezentrale verwirklicht werden können, freuen wir uns. Bei Interesse write us!

  • As an author: The press office is a loose group of journalistic workers in and around Kassel, who are writing, taking photos, Support films and editorial work. The printed matter appears irregular and is open to everything, what is possible on paper. We are always looking for authors for both.
  • As Layouter * in: Whether online for the power supply or in print for the printed matter – We welcome layouters with a penchant for playfulness.
  • As a moderator: The appointments on this website must be activated daily. In this diligent exercise, we build on the swarm.
  • As a programmer (or similar): The website must be maintained and, where necessary, be improved. A playground!
  • As part of the coordination: There have been irregular meetings so far, where we exchange ideas about new and ongoing projects. Here you can find people with different skills, who are working on the formats of the decentralized in changing working groups.


  • Cake and candy!
  • And cash is especially needed for the website. So far we have been financed by donations and a small application for funding. The site will always be free and free or not available at all. If you want to help us with the application letter or donations: from ♥ gladly.