“Resolutely against the AfD – information stand blocked by Brandner”

Two weeks before the Hessian state elections, numerous parties were, as always, present in the Kassel interior, to take advantage of the sunny election campaign weekend. For the AfD, however, Saturday went differently than planned.

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“Solidarity with the striking truck drivers in Gräfenhausen!“

A banner was unfurled on a Kassel motorway feeder road in solidarity with the truckers' strike in southern Hesse. Around people have been on strike since mid-July 150 Truck driver for a Polish shipping company, the Mazur Group, at the Gräfenhausen motorway service area (Darmstadt-Dieburg district). An article about precarity in the supply chains of capital and solidarity on the edge of the A 5.

Repression against climate activists in Kassel

On Friday, 18.08 have five climate protectors from the organization “Climate Justice Kassel” From the roof of the gas power plant a banner with the inscription “Get out of gas 2030” unrolled. The actions of the police during and after the action were an expression of the increasing repression against the climate movement in Germany.

Threatening deportation: Family fights for Muhiddin

On Sunday afternoon, 2. July, demonstrated about 200 People in Kassel against the imminent deportation of the Kurd Muhiddin Fidan. The father of five lives since 27 years in Germany, is involved here culturally and socially. With the forced return to Turkey, this could be over in a few days and Muhiddin's life could be in serious danger.

Antifa demo against ailing AfD

Am 6. On December 1st, Antifa Kassel organized a demonstration against the regular regulars’ table of the Alternative for Germany in the pub “Zur Marbachshöhe”. Because the regulars' table has so far taken place in secret, this will have particularly annoyed the currently rather ailing district association.

District networking against the crisis

On the occasion of the current inflation and energy price crisis, the alliance "Not on our backs" is organizing information stands for the "Wesertor against price increases" campaign.. Regular contact points with warm food and drinks are planned for autumn and winter. They want to use this to create a district network. A report on the work in the district network and the situation in the district.

No profits from hardship!

Under the motto “No profits from hardship: Socialize Wintershall!” demonstrated on Saturday, the 29.10.2022, around a hundred people in front of the headquarters of the Kassel-based oil and gas company Wintershall Dea for the redistribution of excess profits and for climate justice.