In addition to this website, the dezentrale irregularly publishes the "Drucksache" magazine .. You can have a look at some issues published so far, each with its own topic, at the bottom of the page take me there.

Just like events which are published in the Netzteil, we are also looking for ideas and articles for our magazine, which question or challenge the society we live in, observe critically, describe, criticize, show perspectives and thereby open spaces to possible futures. Reports, comments, humorous or serious, lyrical or essayistic, observations and inventions, factually or absurd, painted, written or drawn. We want to create something, that , will , connect us , and displaces the everyday noise. We want to show , what is and what could be.

So feel invited , to submit your ideas , as individuals or group, and send us your contributions , questions and suggestions.

Submissions and contact:

Here in regular irregularity you could find the topic of our next issue.

drucksache #2

drucksache #4