FQA – Frequently Questioned Answers

unpragmatic things first

What does the dezentrale?
Make diversity visible: As a platform for subculture, arts and politics the dezentrale tries to , make visible the diversity of events and actions, which take place every day in Kassel, This platform wants to , gather the numerous grassroots initiatives and collectives of Kassel on one platform. We devote ourselves specifically to content from subcultures, arts and politics, which normally receive little public attention.
To produce the general, political business acumen, we strive to support you, assess the risks and side effects of the existing conditions and, if necessary,. to overcome. The overall goal is, to do and not to do, what we want. It is a means to an end, to help you to help us to help you to help us etc. – always assuming this, that is completely unclear, who is actually helping whom here and until these personal pronouns and pronouns indicating possession are structurally obsolete.
And now again more specific, please.
Specifically, we are gradually developing new formats or adopting old formats. The platform is currently an integral part of our offer “dezentrale” for the publication of events , the collection of locations, off-spaces and initiatives of the political subculture of Kassel and for committed online local journalism as well as the production of a print magazine. We call it: Netzteil, the Pressestelle and Drucksache.
Great. I am convinced. Can I take part?
Of course, if you want to get involved, check this.

pragmatic things second

According to which criteria does the moderation decide on the publication of events?
We are looking for events, that are non-commercial, handmade and at best are engaged politically somehow. Our choice is subjective. Please be nice to us if we produce any mistakes or don't publish your content just in time. Hints to any mistakes and bugs are welcome!.
What do you mean by 'non-commercial', when it all costs money?
In view of the actual political situation, non-commercial means for us ’ not necessarily free of charge. Is important to us, that the events are not for profit.
What politics are you talking about??
The dezentrale is dedicated to events, that contribute to an open and diverse society – that could be cultural as well as political events. The focus is on politicization – of us, of you, of the city. So we're looking for events, who are critical of the conditions of the society we live in, events which are experimental, emancipatory or artistical, criticize, work on or if necessary . break the rules.

enter decentralized appointments

How can I contribute dates?
Here you can – add anonymously – your events. In case you have to enter many events regularly, then read the notes in the following thread “I am an event organizer / location/venue to be announced (still unkown)”.
I am an organizer / location/venue to be announced (still unkown). What could you provide to make work easier for me??
Besides the possibility, to submit and add single events without registration you could also, apply for an account. An account is useful, if you submit many events regularly. With an account you can create events yourself, edit and also delete, without a moderator of dezentrale having to review and activate your event. Please mail us, if you want to apply for an account. Please use only one account for your location or group together, so we don't have a mess of accounts.
There is also the possibility, to automatically import events, e.g.. events you already posted as Facebook events or in other online calendars. Importing has the big advantage, that you do not have to enter your events manually again . All we need is the name of your Facebook page or group (works best if you mail it!). As the import is processed automatically, these events are not associated with an account. that is to say: . you can not edit these imported events with your account later. If you want to make changes to imported events please change it directly via Facebook.
journalism - is serious business. Isn't it?
We try to be careful within our limited possibilities, to provide dedicated journalism. You can find the editorial manifesto of Pressestelle here, which should clarify some questions.
Okay. I can not help myself. I am convinced of this wonderful project ;-). How is it possible to join or support the dezentrale crew?
Welcome! , take a look at: Get involved.