discussion (engl): What do civil society movements in the global south need from us in Europe?

18:00 - 20:00

aka, Kassel

“What do civil society movements in the global south need from us in Europe?”

Exchange with the Burkinabè activist Miphal from Balai Citoyen.

The Balai Citoyen is a Burkinabé social movement that started in 2013. A year later, it played a decisive role in the popular uprising against the dictatorial regime of Blaise Compaoré in Burkina Faso. Today, the Balai Citoyen, as a component of the critical civil society in Burkina Faso, has taken on the mission, through both political pressure and concrete proposals, to hold those in power accountable and to promote an active and responsible engagement of the population in all public affairs.

Our guest Miphal is a member of Balai Citoyen. He also represents Balai Citoyen in the Global Partnership Network, an association of universities and civil society organisations in the Global South and at the University of Kassel, which critically addresses power asymmetries in North-South relations, both theoretically and practically.

During his short stay in Germany, Miphal would like to both publicise his social movement and exchange with us on the issues and pitfalls of civil society cooperation between groups in the Global South and the Global North.

Language : *French and English* with translation

When? 18.10.2022 at 6pm

Event organized by the Global Partnership Network (GPN) & afrique-europe-interact Kassel