Inklusiver Live Techno mit Wellen.Brecher @ ZukunftsDorf22

20:00 - 22:00


Wellenbrecher is an inclusive band project currently consisting of Werner Soyeaux alias Bläck Dävil, Uwe Locati alias DJ Locati, Dave Senan alias Senator and Hanni of the German punk band Pisse.

With a large hardware setup, consisting of numerous drum machines, groove boxes, synthesizers and a microphone, they jam on stage live creating something that you may call experimental techno: danceable, but certainly not predictable, and containing a big element of fun, theater and humor!

Their track “Lasst uns feiern” featuring Bläck Dävil on the microphone was released in 2020 on the Krake Festival 10 Year Anniversary Compilation, received widespread praise and plaudits and will soon be released with remixes on Killekill.