Treffen: FLOW Women Circle

19:00 - 22:00

Fabrik für Allerlei, Tischbeinstraße 53

Offenes Treffen für Frauen

Back in the 80s a feminist movement evolved with the idea that meeting in a circle was a feminine way to share stories and promote healthier communication.

This movement of women meeting in a circle represented a return to pre-patriarchal communal connection. When we meet in the circle, we continue an ancient way of connecting in modern times. This enables us to share stories, to deepen our identities individually and in the group. We can meet to share our joy, to work on projects or join a ritual on various levels of depth and purpose.

The emerging reality can be a gender-balanced world, a healthier world for nature and all species for we are all related.

Fr 07.02. 19.00-22.0 h