Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22
34117 Kassel


A space organized by and open for cultural and social initiatives. It’s located in the formerly club “Wiese” at WH22 / ARM area in Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, Kassel. The space will be used during documenta15 but aims to establish a space for grassroots initiatives and culture even after documenta.
The space is based on self-organization and is supported by different collectives from Kassel. Each of these groups will occupy the space for some days – organizing events, concerts, workshops, performances, exhibitions, discussions, etc. The collectives and individuals using the space are independent from each other: we share some ideas and values but also disagree on others.

It’s an open space: aka network invites collectives and groups to use the space. Please get in touch!


  1. aka is a decentralized network.
    a collective of collectives from Kassel.

  2. aka is a medium.
    we understand aka as a practice and a tool in order to establish a solidarity network among local communities.

  3. aka is a space towards a space.
    there is a need for spaces for grassroots movements in Kassel. aka uses WH22 to actively establish such a space in the city.

  4. aka is lumbung.
    aka is based on the principle of communality: pooled collective ideas, knowledge, funding and other shareable resources.

  5. aka is based on (un)common grounds.
    how do we practice our diversity and our (dis)agreements?

  6. aka is an economy.
    a solidarity economy which benefits collectives, individuals and bigger community. It’s based on non-commercial principles and collective decision making.
  7. aka is a host. aka is a guest.
    a host and a guest. a guest and a host. QoF invites aka, aka invites QoF.


Kommende Termine

Aktuell sind zu diesem Ort keine Termine auf der dezentrale eingetragen.