Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22
34117 Kassel


An open space organized by and open for cultural and social initiatives. It’s located in the formerly club “Wiese” at WH22 / ARM area in Werner-Hilpert-Straße 22, Kassel. The space was used during documenta15 but aimed to establish a space for grassroots initiatives and culture even after documenta. Now the open space is still maintained by aka collective. The space is based on self-organization and solidarity: aka collective is providing the basic infrastructure and space for concerts, exhibitions, talks, etc. The aka collective invites people and groups  to use the space for all kind of non-commercial events. If you have an idea, please get in touch:

Except of single tenants like aka open space and Lolita Bar the area oh WH22 is still vacant (feburary 2023). Therefore aka collective joined the alliance “WH22 von Vielen für Viele” – a network of various cultural groups and collectives from Kassel which aims to establish the entire area of WH22 as a location for culture & arts, social and educational initiatives as well as groups focusing on transformative change.

  1. aka is a decentralized network.
    a collective of collectives from Kassel.

  2. aka is a medium.
    we understand aka as a practice and a tool in order to establish a solidarity network among local communities.

  3. aka is a space towards a space.
    there is a need for spaces for grassroots movements in Kassel. aka uses WH22 to actively establish such a space in the city.

  4. aka is lumbung.
    aka is based on the principle of communality: pooled collective ideas, knowledge, funding and other shareable resources.

  5. aka is based on (un)common grounds.
    how do we practice our diversity and our (dis)agreements?

  6. aka is an economy.
    a solidarity economy which benefits collectives, individuals and bigger community. It’s based on non-commercial principles and collective decision making.

  7. aka is a host. aka is a guest.
    a host and a guest. a guest and a host. QoF invites aka, aka invites QoF.


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