Do you remember Rostock-Lichtenhagen? Info and movie event: „the truth lies in Rostock”

19:00 - 21:00

aka, Kassel

Link zur Veranstaltung

Do you remember Rostock-Lichtenhagen? Together we want to go back to 1992, better understand the developments leading up to the progrom and deal with it. Come to our event on 20.07. at 7 pm at aka (Werner Hilpert Straße 22, Kassel). After a short introduction, we will show the film „the truth lies in Rostock” from 1993 by Mark Saunders and Siobhán Cleary. The film shows us the events from a decidedly anti-racist, anti-fascist perspective and conveys an excerpt of the reality of the conditions at that time through the numerous interviews. Guest workers, anti-fascists, asylum seekers as well as politicians, police and residents of Rostock-Lichtenhagen have their say. The film shows the failure of the police and the state, the right-wing, white dominant society and the resistance against the conditions. Afterwards we want to talk about the film together and bring the events into the present. The film and the discussion will be in English.