8. Randfilmfest

15:00 - 23:59

Bali cinemas and film shop


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Further information: randfilmfest.de

Hello, here the specter of freedom announces itself. Since the dawn of cinema culture, this misshapen thing has always enjoyed flashing cheekily and unexpectedly, brazen and relentless in the annals of film history(n) emerged. Liberation from oppression and social injustices, the freedom of a self-determined life and the monstrosity of free will have repeatedly become objects of desire of filmic storytellers.
Especially in the here and now and under the impression of the last 14 For months the cry for so-called freedom becomes more and more discursive in socio-political terms, volume up, more brutal and populist. Randfilm would therefore like to support the 8. Randfilmfest the cinematic possibilities and limits, button up the hopes and effects of unconditional freedom and shed light on them as part of our four packed festival days, reflect, probing, criticize or just represent.

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