Agroecology instead logistics area: Presence show in front of the municipal council Neu-Eichenberg

20.01. - 21.01.
16:00 - 20:00

meeting point: Gasthaus in Waldmann Hebenshausen, Neu-Eichenberg

multiple days

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On to New Eichenberg ...
Monday, 20.1. one 18:30 Clock
meeting point: Gasthaus in Waldmann Hebenshausen, Neu-Eichenberg

Presence show in front of the municipal council
On Monday, 20.1. and Tuesday, 21.1. is a highly anticipated meeting of the municipal council Neu-Eichenberg's place: It is about the question, whether the planning process for the construction of the huge logistics area, will be continued or not!

All men are called to, to accompany this session with a critical presence and on Monday at 18:30 to gather pm at the Gasthaus Waldmann. In the hall of the inn, the public meeting will be held, which was reported at length expected for two days of meetings due to their. The citizens' initiative for a life worth Neu-Eichenberg organized the protest and would like to emphasize the importance of the decision by the presence of as many people. So do on to New Eichenberg and supports the protest ...

If you want to advance even even lend a hand, come over’ up Monday to 16 Clock on the farm occupation: There we want to move two Site trailers and need people-power!

We too - people, the fertile fields and the climate justice movement feel connected - follow with interest, as the 15 Community representatives will vote this evening. Although it seems a bit absurd, that vote so few people over such a far-reaching decision, we are aware of the relevance, which this meeting has.
Should there be a majority for the continuation of the logistics area,, followed by a re-disclosure of the plans with additional costs and the whole logistics nonsense sits fort.Es is but the realistic possibility, that min. 8 refuse to further approval by community representatives this madness. This would be the beginning of the end of the "Special Area Logistics" and a first success for all involved.

Agroecology instead logistics area

It is time, that recognize the people in Neu-Eichenberg, what a treasure they have with this fertile ground in the midst of their community. Soil is one of our most valuable resources!
With the knowledge of the University of Kassel Witzenhausen and commitment of many participants are already working on a concept, to show, as the 80 Hectares are cultivated with regenerative agriculture:

show such perspectives is our task - in Neu-Eichenberg and beyond!

Comes to on Monday 18:30 Uhr nach Neu-Eichenberg zum Gasthaus Waldmann.
(Anfahrt mit Zug: Bahnhof Eichenberg aussteigen, von dort etwa 20-30 min Fußweg)
Wer am Montag nicht kann, ist dort am Dienstag beim 2. Sitzungstag ebenfalls willkommen.

Lasst uns vor Ort sein und zeigen: Viele Menschen setzen sich für den Erhalt des fruchtbaren Ackers und eine dauerhafte landwirtschaftliche Nutzung der 80 Hektar ein!

Ein hoffnungsvolles ACKER BLEIBT! 🙂
Menschen von der Ackerbesetzung

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