Watch out: Filmdreh “City of the future” – Be there!

10:00 - 19:00

around the horse market

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How come?

Some time ago the project was “City of the future – Make visions visible” brought to life. The aim of the project is to rethink the street space, to design and to consider, what a solidary and sustainable society could look like in the future. What could be happening in the street space?, if there weren't any cars there? What could your city look like tomorrow?? A number of workshops focused on craftsmanship, elements developed in an artistic and playful way, to redesign the street space. Our streets could become one big garden and instead of parking lots there would be vegetable patches. It could be community workshops, give an open stage and free shelves. People would consider in council systems, what is happening in their part of town. Equality would be commonplace, racism, Discrimination, Climate change – Themen der Vergangenheit.

So much for the idea. Praxis:

This vision of the future will actually be put on the road on three dates! The city of Kassel was so nice to block the road for us for these days. So that the streets look busy, it would be great, when you come by. Happy with things, that beautify the street space. The whole thing is filmed and cut into a video walk, which will be permanently available.

Shooting dates:
29.07.2021 of 10:00 – 19:00 Clock
30.07.2021 critical mass 18:00 Clock

You can find us around the horse market


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