Exhibition: Ideas for a rethink

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Lisa Dreykluft / Holger Jenss
– The exhibition is part of the exhibition series “Ideas for a rethink” in the Kassel Kuntsverein

Lisa Dreykluft studied fine arts at the Kunsthochschule Kassel and the Bath School of Art and Design, United Kingdom.

3-Channel video installation, Objects made of styrofoam and latex, publication, Print on flag fabric

The work Invocation of Dead Assets deals with found video material: In a certain niche of YouTube there is an enigmatic type of video circulating. These show ghosts, Witches, Demons, extraterrestrial and paranormal encounters. A number of features suggest this, that the recordings were made spontaneously or by chance: The picture is blurred, the resolution is low and the sound quality is rather poor. The clips were recorded with cell phone cameras, Camcordern, Dashcams or surveillance cameras. The supernatural subjects are sometimes lost as tiny pixel spots in the CCTV's field of vision.
In fact, the unrecognizability seems to be one of the most important indicators of the 'authenticity' of the images. The less you can see, the closer the guess is, that something sinister is going on there. Something, that is difficult to capture with a mobile phone camera. That the ghostly recordings are fascinating, is based on the possibility of their authenticity. The casualness, the blurring, the image quality of consumer technology, the exchangeable places – all of these elements add to the claim, the videos are of a documentary nature.

In the accompanying publication, Lisa Dreykluft describes this phenomenon of unrecognizability and examines the videos found in relation to the film genre found footage horror, Reports of apparitions in the context of new technologies, Ideas of visitation and invocation and the figure of the witch. She also formulates a theory about the origin of paranormal beings in so-called "dead capital", which is so called, because there is no return.


Holger Jenss studied theater- Film- and media studies at the University of Vienna and visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel.
He works with the media of photography, Film and sound.

The focus of his research and work is on dealing with normative imagery, as well as on the question, how subcultural and mainstream contexts are constructed through visual codes and their transfers, and on post-colonial perspectives on photography and pop culture. He shows his work in exhibitions and film screenings.

In the work “Recent Items”, Holger Jenss uses a personal archive to question young people's own ideas about culture and society and investigates the construction and appropriation of subcultural codes and visual languages.

Using the image fund of a long time ago stay in the USA as well as other biographical elements, In this context he also reflects on his own behavior in relation to cultural identification and a German (Self-)understanding.


Exhibition series “Ideas for a rethink” from 25.07. – 18.10.2020

Climate change, Species extinction, Corona crisis - there are many reasons for a change of course for "Spaceship Earth" (Buckminster Fuller, 1968) towards the post-growth society.

With - = + the Kasseler Kunstverein offers artistic positions a platform, that reflects this change: Can a language for rethinking be developed in art?? How does art adapt to the crises of the present?

Local structures are an essential element of the theories on growth criticism, that use fewer resources and enable a more sustainable economy. In this sense, the exhibition series relies on a collaboration with artists from Kassel. Architecturally, the idea of ​​"less is beautiful" (Ernst Friedrich Schumacher: “small is beautiful” 1973) mapped in a room-in-room situation, uses existing materials and reduces the exhibition space: Added value through reduction - the space as a practice area and showcase for post-growth aesthetics.


Participating artists

25.07.- 16.08.
Helena Schätzle / Sudharak Olwe

22.08. – 06.09.
Echo Can Luo / martinafischer13

12.09. – 27.09.
Lisa Dreykluft / Holger Jenss

03.10. – 18.10.
Romina Abate / Mike Huntemann

25.07. – 18.10.
Sarah Metz / Janosch holiday

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