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01.09. - 05.09.
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University of Kassel, Kassel

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We take apart together.

Ankündigung/Save the date Campus CSDeconstruct 2021

1)Campus CSD – Was, when, how?
2)Temporary Schedule

1) Campus CSD – Was, when, how?

from 1.09. to 5.09. will be the first campus CSD under the motto “CSDeconstruct: We take apart together” occur. There will be both presence- as well as online events. Wait while doing this (artistic) Workshops, Film screenings, Community events and much more on you.

With the CSDeconstruct we try to take up topics, those in the (queeren) The public often does not get enough space. We want to shed light on the diversity of the community, while we address exclusions. That also includes, that we question norms and ourselves.

2) Temporary Schedule

weekday, Date
Time of day (online / presence) | Open to which group of people
Event type “Event title” (language)
With / by whom
More information here: Link

My, 01.09.
18:00-20:00 (Online) | for all
Workshop “Fat. Body. Riot” (deutsch)
von Navina Mai aka Navi
More information here:

Do, 02.09.
19:00-21.30 (presence) | for all
Film and discussion “Future three” (deutsch)
in cooperation with Queerfilm Kassel
More information here:

Fr, 03.09.
17:30-19:00 (Online) | for all
Workshop “”Different experience, still painful” -Trans hostility & Racism = multiple discrimination” (deutsch)
von Beyond Color
More information here:

20:00- 22:30 (presence) | for BPOCs and Queers
Movie and Discussion “The Watermelon Woman” (english)
In cooperation with ISD Kassel (Initiative of Black People in Germany)
More information here:

Its, 04.09.
11:00-14:00 (presence) | for all | for all
Photo exhibition / Photo Exhibition “Man is a man, is a man,…”
Works by Johanna Brummack
More information here:

11:00-14:00 (presence) | for all | for all
To get to know “Queer Kassel”/Getting to know your “Queer neighbourhood” (deutsch + english)
Organizations and groups introduce themselves / Meet up with groups and organizations
More information here:

14:00-17:00 (presence) | for all
Workshop “queer bodies in contemporary art” (deutsch)
by Johanna Brummack
More information here:

18:00-19:00 (presence) | for BPOCs and Queers
Workshop “Calling out vs. Calling in – The politics of Cancel Culture” (english)
Moderated by Swazi – ISD Kassel (Initiative of Black People in Germany)
More information here:

So, 05.09.
10:00-13:00 (Online) | for queers

Closing breakfast / closing brunch (deutsch + english)

14:00-17:00 (presence) | for all
Audio tour “Queer in Northern Hesse?! Making experiences audible” (deutsch)
from qrew Kassel
More information here:

All events take place in spoken German or English.

3) registration

All people are invited, whether studying or not. All events are free of charge for you.

By asking, You can send suggestions and thoughts to this address: The event rules, the current program and the specific accessibility (such as subtitling and premises) of the individual events are expected to take place on 15.07. published here. From then on you can also register using the above email address. Pre-registration is a prerequisite for your participation.

The Autonomous Unit for Accessible Studying supports us in this, to increase the accessibility for our events. We would like, that you come to our events and find a room, the most possible barrier- and is low in discrimination. Therefore we are happy, if you write to us, what you need for it.

Your planning team from CSDeconstruct!

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