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ASL new building

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Symposium on controversial memorial sites in Kassel I 21. to 23. Ok­to­ber 2021

ASL new building, Universitätsplatz 9, 34127 Kassel, EG, Raum 105/106 or Participate digitally via zoom

16:00 Former German colonial school for agriculture, Trade and commerce Witzenhausen

Johnny Ibrahimo, Witzenhausen Postcolonial Initiative [Requested] / Christiane Kreiner [HR editor] / written statement from Dr. Christian Hülsebusch [German Institute for Tropical and Sub-Tropical Agriculture], Moderation: Ibrahim Klingeberg-Behr


Debates on monuments are of particular relevance in Kassel. In the context of the documenta exhibitions and the art college, innovative experiments are constantly being made to thematize history in urban space.

At the same time, the history of the city with its colonial legacy is challenging, a tradition as a location for the arms industry and a strong one, right-wing extremist scene the commemoration out. The anti-Nazi myth of the documenta is linked to Nazi continuities in the former Gau capital, also at the documenta itself, across from. Some things are heroized, other things suppressed. With the help of eight examples of current monument conflicts, memorial cultures from different, partly controversial views put up for discussion.

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