Double room – Exhibition in the Huguenot House

11:00 - 19:00

Hugenottenhaus, Kassel


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With the exhibition “Double Room”, the artist couple Silvia and Lutz Freyer conclude a trilogy in
Huguenot house in Kassel's city center. The show, the off 16. July can be seen, follows the exhibitions "free rooms"
(2019) and "moving rooms" (2020). But even after that it should be with the art- and place of culture, the couple since then
together with Udo Wendland (Impulses for the Kassel Foundation) developed, go on.

Double room
The invited artists:inner pairs play on the 24 Rooms of the house with predominantly developed for the place
Work. Some of the artists:have been working together for many years, like Maik and Dirk Löbbert or the
Twins Stephan and Andreas von Borstel. Some couples have worked together before. Others have only now come together for this project. Lots of the artists:nnen, which are mainly from Berlin, Düsseldorf or Kassel come, know the Huguenot house.
The focus of the exhibition is the collaboration and interaction between the artists:within, their work and their engagement with the special spaces, that the Huguenot House offers. It will be exciting, like the collaboration of the artists:originated within and what it does . How does your own change
working conditions, what's new, how does the cooperation work??
All of them let the artists:inside on top of each other and as a further impulse for the special room situation in the
Hugenottenhaus ein.

As last year, the “Art Zone” and the “Pearl” will also attract visitors:stand open inside. There it will 2021 events again, music, literature, Film and give many opportunities for exchange.

This exhibition project is only possible with the participation of the participating "artist couples".
The following duos each play a double room:
Peter Josef Abels and Vera-Maria Loermann
Sonja Alhäuser and Bert Didillon
Joey Arand und Team
Thomas Bernstein and Wolfgang Schlegel
Friedrich W. Block with Christine Brückner and Otto Heinrich Kühner
Kathrin Brömse and Jörn Budesheim
Senta Connert and Julia Kröpelin
Maria Anna Dewes and Myriam Thyes
Ingrid Flohry and Marco Glashagen
Lutz Freyer with Joseph Beuys
Armin Hartenstein and Andreas Johnen
Ulrike Kessl and Johannes Sandberger
Ubbo Kügler 2019 with Ubbo Kügler 2021
Maik and Dirk Löbbert
Anke Lohrer and Nele Waldert
Stefan Lux und Hanno Millesi
Christian Andreas Müller and Stefan Lux
Gabriele Rothemann and Claudia Schmacke
Judith Samen and Claudia van Koolwijk
Andreas von Borstel and Stephan von Borstel
Marc von Criegern and Myriam Resch

Many thanks for the support:
Impulses for the Kassel Foundation, Culture Office of the City of Kassel, SV Sparkassenversicherung, Volksbank Kassel Göttingen, Kasseler Sparkasse, Gerhard Fieseler Foundation, Lions Club, Udo van Meeteren Foundation

Opening times:
The exhibition is from Friday, 16. July to Sunday, 26. September 2021 every Friday to Sunday
of 11 to 19 hour.

How the opening can take place, depends on the respective corona conditions.

Entrance fees:
Adults 6 to 10 €, Season ticket 24 €, Discount on request.
Children up to 12 Years free

Friedrichstraße 25
34117 Kassel

Contact person:
Silvia Freyer 0171 3271008
Facebook and Instagram: Hugenottenhaus