Equal living conditions? Presentation of the study on the development of rural areas in Hesse

19:00 - 20:30


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Organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Hesse
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Underfunding, Debt and investment backlogs are the central problems of the municipalities in the rural area of ​​Hesse. That goes from the now published study »Equal living conditions? On the development of rural areas in Hesse « (https://www.rosalux.de/publikation/id/43387) on behalf of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

Although the different conditions in the social spaces are gaining importance in state politics, the structural causes remain largely unchanged.
»This includes the inadequate basic financial resources of many municipalities, those despite various special- and debt relief programs and an expanded project-oriented funding policy continue to lack funds, to ensure good living conditions for all people and to counteract social divisions «, says the work of a team of scientists led by Professors Bernd Belina and Matthias Naumann.

According to the study, Hesse is characterized by a clear gap between the urbanized Rhine-Main region and the more peripheral parts of the state. Villages and small towns in the Rhine-Main region tend to be in a much better socio-economic position and have more infrastructures than small settlements in the rest of the country. Among other things, settlement structure, The distribution of wealth and the provision of doctors and schools in the rural areas of Hesse were examined.

At the online event, the authors Bernd Belina and Andreas Kallert present the study.
The Hessian state parliament member will moderate the event Heidemarie Scheuch-Paschkewitz.
Greetings from the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. In the Hessian state parliament: Jan schalauske (MdL)

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