Grill plate for 2 / Kataton / Mad Minority


Sandershaus, Kassel

Grill plate for 2 (KS) …have been playing crossover punk singsongwrite-wise since 2020 in the Kassel underground. Musically blunt energy, used for system criticism and saws at the capitalist late modern age. And with a unique sense of humour. Just for 2, they are now on the road for the first time with an additional cover.

Kataton (KS) They've been shooting around here for a long time and mix Metal-HC-Punk into an explosive, throwable cocktail. Screams, Growls, no frills riffs – and then a little sunrise. anger factor remains. Catatonic tension from head to toe and psychomotor guaranteed.

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Mad Minority (MR/N) – Have been doing this across Almanya since the mid 90's, Europe and one USA, and "are like
the shift to the right – we were never gone.” Hardcore punk with breakneck musical corners. Recently three, who still sound like twelve. Have a brand new disc in their luggage as a checksum. Yelling at total shit everyday life in Fortress Europe. Fett.

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The concert takes place in the basement of the Sandershaus.

entry starting at 20:30 Clock, beginning 21:30 Clock

Organized by Weltsubkulturerbe e.V. in cooperation with the Sandershaus e.V.