Infotreffen #2 Neighborhood groups climate change

17:00 - 18:00

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Why isn't the energy transition moving forward?? And why doesn't every house have a solar system on the roof?? Instead of asking yourself that, you can just start yourself, together with the people in your neighborhood!

For us, the neighborhoods are an extremely important nucleus of the local citizen energy transition. Together with you, we want to make your neighborhoods exactly that - a neighborhood, that is leading the way in the climate change.

You want to make a difference in your neighborhood? We support you in this!

Together we can implement many different projects, such as:
• Acquisition of a PV system for shared use on the roof of the supermarket around the corner
• Collective order for balcony power plants to also become a prosumer in the rented apartment (Producer + Konsument*in = Prosument*in)
• Acquisition of a shared e-cargo bike
• Your idea!

The possibilities are diverse and what can be dreamed of, can also be implemented.

We are building a community of climate change neighbors and we will support you in the implementation of your projects for over a year.

Infotreffen #1: Tuesday, 29.09.20, 18:30 Clock = bk84ZFpPdFp6VnppUlVrWFlTUXlVQT09
Meeting-ID: 885 3207 2946 | Kenncode: 681414

Infotreffen #2: Thursday, 08.10.20, 17:00 Clock
Meeting-ID: 814 4157 4757 | Kenncode: 643987

Infotreffen #3: Wednesday, 14.10.20, 17:30 Clock
Meeting-ID: 894 2979 3055 | Kenncode: 651567

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