concert: Tomas Tulpe


bonanza, Kassel

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Iggy Pop from Ostkreuz comes with its fourth album. From King of Trash, Tomas Tulpe has developed into the best singer in the world and gives up “The man in the deposit machine” unstoppable.

Already at the opener “Botox in the stomach” he turns completely freely, because many thought, he would have gained weight. He was asked twice about his stomach in the Rossmann. Twice too often. Furious, he went crazy and wrote this piece about his exclusive lace body. Tulip doesn't eat, because he is the idol of several generations. Also go to the bathroom, of course the best singer in the world cannot afford to. If you ask for the reason, it just says, that would not look.

All songs on this album are about sex as always, except for one. “I Don’t Want A Photo” is the first song, which Tulip wrote entirely in English, therefore it is unclear, What's this about, because he doesn't speak any foreign languages. Except something Spanish, and fluent in French or optionally Italian. He can also communicate without an accent in Russian. But listen for yourself.

bonanza, Ironforge 85, 34127 Kassel

Saturday, 02.10.2020
inlet: 19:30 Clock, beginning: 20:00 Clock
In connection: Rammstein Party
VVK: 11,-€
– Smoke-free event –

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