Club Commune, Kassel

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Dear people, the 90s called us. They want their LAN parties back. How so? We now want to do a LAN more often in the Club Commune. Everyone is of course welcome, also completely new people, because: The more people, the cooler it gets!

At this first kick-off LAN party in the Club Commune, we primarily want Age of Empires 2 play, because the desire to do so arose from a clique. But if you want to gamble something else, you can of course do this in parallel in the same room. With later LANs in the Commune, we will play other games or decide spontaneously, what we play. No fear, we are all not AoE2 professionals and some have only just got to know the game.

We're going to play AoE2 over the internet, not over LAN. But there will also be LAN cables and a switch in case, that people want to gamble something else at the same time or the Internet collapses in Germany or maybe even in Club Commune. This LAN party will be the test for our internet connection, otherwise the next LAN must be a real LAN at the latest. To be on the safe side, there are also old ones “LAN games” kept in stock and of course you are also invited, bring some yourself.

Best brings iced tea, Snacks and of course a laptop or tower with you, on the Age of Empires 2 HD runs or that, what you would like to play in parallel in a self-organized manner. If we can also scrape together a little money together, then we could order pizza.

There are three versions of AoE2 in circulation: The CD version from the 90s, the HD version of 2013 on Steam and the newly released Definitive Edition also on Steam. You need the HD version of 2013, because it can be played over the internet, runs on modern PCs, is widespread, does not have such high hardware requirements and is not that expensive, like the Definitive Edition. In case you don't have it, please buy it in advance on Steam and install it.

Please tell your friends about the LAN party and come around!

We are first and foremost children- and Youth Association. But it should be clear, that this event is not aimed at children, but to people, who are old enough, Spending a night away from home playing computer games together.

The Organizing reserve the right, to make of their house right and people, belong to right-wing parties or organizations, can be assigned to the right-wing scene or have already been racist in the past, nationalist, anti-semitic, Islamist or other inhumane statements have appeared, to deny access to the event or to exclude from this.

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