Weekly Read- and discussion evening on Öcalan's philosophical and socially critical books

19:00 - 21:00

Kunstwerkstatt (Heckerstr. 30)


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Discussing together. Common exploration of the actual background around Abdullah Öcalan, his written visions of lived utopias, the Kurdish women's liberation movement and in general the revolution in Kurdistan. With a global perspective!

19 – 21 Clock
Heckerstrasse 30, 34121 Kassel (Art workshop Kassel, near the station Weinberg)
Whether with prior knowledge, or completely clueless – Everyone is welcome!

excerpt from the book “Sociology of freedom”, by Abdullah Öcalan. side 206/207

a) A society without capital and power is possible, but capital and power are not possible without society.
b) An economy without capital is possible, but capital without economy is not possible.
c) A society without a state is possible, but a state without society is not possible.
d) A society without capitalists, Feudal lords and lords is possible, but capitalists, Feudal lords and lords are not possible without society.
and) A society without classes is possible, but classes are not possible without society.
f) Villages and agriculture are possible without cities, but cities are not possible without villages and agriculture.
g) A society without law is possible, but a society without morals is not possible.
h) It is possible, similar to a person left entirely to himself, to deprive society of politics and morality. But then society will be transformed by the new Leviathan (national fascism) shattered and devoured, so that the moment of death of society and man becomes a spectacle. This is the moment, in which Friedrich Nietzsche said, society and man would be castrated and turned into dwarfs and ants, and declared them flocks and crowds. In Max Weber's words, this is the moment, in which society into one >iron cage< is blocked.

Organized by: Lesekreis Initiative Kassel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Solidaritaetskomitee.Rojava.KASSEL/


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