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-Why do I have to be called cis person more and more recently? And what does that actually mean?
The lecture is intended to give an introduction to the topic of trans * and the role of cis people (People, who are comfortable with the gender assigned at their birth) play it. An overview should be given, which discrimination trans * people experience in everyday life and how cis people can reduce this and offer support.

This lecture is aimed primarily at cis people.

Luis * a Kriener began 2013 to be active at SCHLAU and to stand up for trans * and queer topics, then still in NRW. Meanwhile landed in Kassel, Luis * a is active at SCHLAU Kassel and now also part of the LSBT * IQ network North Hesse.

This event is part of the lecture series
“Behind the letter” of the LGBT * IQ network North Hesse.

About the series:

LSBT * IQ. The acronym, the alphabet soup or the alphabet salad, the alphabet, the tongue breaker. Often the term itself is so complex, that is hardly dealt with, who is actually behind these letters: Real people, Biographies, Experiences of discrimination and struggles for equality and recognition.

That is why the LGBT * IQ Network North Hesse, in cooperation with the LGBT * IQ Networks Rhine-Main and South Hesse, dedicates itself to summer and autumn 2020 the background of this sequence of letters with a digital lecture series. The topics of the lectures range between historical lighting and current struggles, between invisibility and up- and explanation.

After all lectures there are questionnaires and opportunities for exchange. The events are moderated. All lectures take place online and in spoken German. After the lectures there is room for exchange and discussion. Um Voranmeldung wird gebeten unter . Access data for the respective events are collected and sent to registered people on the day of the lecture.

About the organizers:
The LGBT * IQ networks Hessen are funded by the anti-discrimination office of the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration and are part of regional organizations:properties.

LGBT * IQ Network North Hesse is a project of the Aidshilfe Kassel e.V.. & of the AKGG gGmbH
LGBT * IQ Network Rhein-Main is a project of the Aidshilfe Frankfurt e.V..
LGBT * IQ Network South Hesse is a project by vielbunt e.V. (Darmstadt)

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