Seminar: Nonviolent Communication

09.10. - 11.10.
16:00 - 17:00

Gemeindehaus Zionskirche Kassel

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You are all cordially invited to our Basic seminar on nonviolent communication on a donation basis (0-350 €).
Please registrations and questions to: kommunikationsgefaehrten[at]

Period: 09.-11.10.
Fr 16-20 Clock
Its 10-17 Clock
So 13-17 Clock

Location: Kassel, Philippinenhöfer way 2, Zionskirche parish hall

We (Kathrin and Holger) you want to provide the opportunity, NVC (GFK) by M. Rosenberg know and deepen.
The term “without violence” refers by no means only to physical integrity. He refers to, be sure that all needs considered and incorporated (their own and that of others). At the same time approaches the GRP provide a good orientation in conflicts and numerous ideas on the Offense- and retention level for the clarification and the path to nonviolence.

We invite you, let us some patterns of everyday speech behind us and to experience a different quality in our relationships. For this, we want more people back us, our feelings and, what is important to us, get into the focus. We want to use most of the time together for playful and interactive exercises. There will also be space for your own concerns and questions.

We will be happy to forward information on the following points on request:
1.) What NVC is not
2.) What GFK can help with and how GFK works
3.) Time frame of the WE
4.) Essen
5.) Participation fee on donation basis
6.) Seminar content
7.) Information about GRP

We're looking forward to it!! …see you soon =)
Kathrin and Holger from the communication companions

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