do the district yourself: Community work as an educational form of solidary urban development with GWA St. Pauli

15:00 - 18:00

Am Marienhof 4, Kassel

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Am Marienhof 4, Kassel


As in other large cities, urban development processes and rapid changes in districts in Kassel are typically associated with processes of gentrification and displacement. Urban development based on solidarity, on the other hand, must mean, Actors from different milieus in the city(part)include development, to take their interests into account and to enable them to express themselves.

But how should participatory methods of urban development based on solidarity look like?? And how can groups/individuals be involved in urban development processes, which are difficult or. cannot be reached?

To deal with these questions, is a person of community work (GWA) St. Pauli E.V. to guest. for more than 35 For years, the association has been active in district work and combines social work with urban planning skills and concepts. Complex contacts on site, comprehensive knowledge and experience of the environment (intergenerational and intercultural) Network-, consulting- and educational work form the basis of outreach participation in places of everyday life of the residents. After an input from the speaker, we want to try together, to transfer the impulses received to the development around the Henschel site in Rothenditmold.

We are very much looking forward to the event Marienhof vom to be able to host and this time there will be childcare for children aged 3 to 10 give years. Do you want to take advantage of this?, writes an email to:

To the series of events:

Do-it-yourself city – A joint search movement for solidarity in urban development

How must Kassel develop, so that it better suits our needs? What can we take into our own hands now and what needs longer processes? Based on our personal interests and needs, we want to ask ourselves the question, how Kassel can/should/must develop, to enable a life worth living for everyone.

Which places do we miss in everyday life and what do we want to stand for together?

We want to embark with you on a journey through possible perspectives on solidarity-based urban development. That is why we are planning events on the following topics:

  • 8.6.2022: Shaping Kassel: A look at: Henschel site and ARM site.

  • 25.6.2022: do the district yourself: Community work as an educational form of solidary urban development with GWA St. Pauli

  • 30.7.2022: Urban development from below using the example of the Planbude in Hamburg
  • 27.8.2022: What role should open spaces play in our everyday lives??

  • 24.9.2022: How do we go public with our concerns?, using the example of Deutsche Wohnen & expropriate co.

In addition to the main content of the individual appointments, the series is intended to serve this purpose, to form a group, who wants to deal with solidarity-based urban development in Kassel in the long term.

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