Theater: Loopy-rooted identity?


Dock 4, Kassel

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What is identity?
According to the dictionary identity is the "authenticity of a person; complete agreement with the, what it is ". But is it at all? I feel myself always as a unit? Am I not sometimes contradictory? Am I a Fake? When I'm really I? And who am I?
Am I the sum of my parts or I share on? Is identity not only a construct, which I can make new again? looking in the Community Dance Theater Project, the artists * inside Agnetha Jaunich, Mareike Steffens and Yuri Beier together with participants from Kassel to identity.

through dance, Drama and visual arts created a media dance theater production, in which the professional artist * act inside together with the people from Kassel and around on the stage and for answers to the question "Who or what am I?Search "and disassemble as the construct identity.

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