Transnationalism - “Turkish” ultra-nationalists, their ideology, their organizations, their structure and activities

18:00 - 20:00


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Online event as part of the Event series (9.5.-1.6.) the initiative Antifascist May Kassel
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Political scientist Alia Sembol focuses on the clubs, which is a right-wing extremist- völkisch, Formulate racist Turkishness as a goal. It gives an overview of the “Turkish” ultra-nationalists, their organizations, their structure and activities.

These clubs have especially taken care of the culture, Religion, Education and sport prescribed, to expand their megalomania in the Turkish community and to bind children and young people to an ultra-nationalist ideology. A job, the anti-democratic, is anti-Semitic and, above all, based on discrimination. With great empire fantasies, militarism, Enemy images, religious self-attributions, through thematically diverse offers for all age groups, the clubs build on a supposed “Turkish identity abroad” the “European Turkism”.

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