Networking meeting against the animal industry in North Hesse

17:00 - 19:00


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Next networking meeting against the animal industry in North Hesse: Sunday, 10.01.2021 – 17-19 Clock, online

Further information and registration via email: .

The animal industry plays a crucial role in many of the current crises: climate crisis, environmental issues, Exploitation of farmers, Workers and animals. And that right here in North Hesse, at the gates of Kassel: in Gudensberg, no 20 km south of Kassel, is Hesse's largest poultry slaughterhouse in the Plukon Group.

To be active against the animal industry together here in North Hesse, A network of different movements is currently emerging, among other things with a focus on environmental protection, Climate justice, Animal rights and social issues.

We want to coordinate more closely with one another, exchange ideas about our perspectives and discuss actions against the animal industry together.

Write to us to register and if you have any questions about the next networking meeting (Sunday, 10.01.2021, 17-19 Clock) gladly by email to .

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