Waldstatt asphalt: Evacuate patriarchy, Preserve the forest!

12:30 - 18:00

WsA Camp am Danni

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As a climate justice movement, we also actively defend ourselves against the patriarchy in and around us. We give on Saturday 24. October the Fight for an intersectional, queer feminism Space and attention. We offer a diverse program with workshops for this, Lectures, music & much more, um gemeinsam gegen diese Unterdrückung anzugehen.

  • 12:30 – Theater- & Performanceworkshop (Duration approx. 1,5 h)ACT-live. A theater workshop on physicalities and visibilities. Who is allowed to move and how? What's written on my body? How is that expressed in my movements?? We want to approach these questions using playful, performative exercises and interweaving queer-feminist and climate-activist positions. (Meeting point in front of the workshop tents)
  • 11:30 Workshop on the film "Radical Resilience" with the filmmakers (Meeting point in front of the workshop tents)Based on the film Radical Resilience, there is a workshop among other things. with the filmmakers about sustainable activism, Inclusivity, Care and resilience. How can we be more inclusive, Cause deeper change and how can we build movements where we support each other? We will find out the answer to these and other questions through exchanges and small exercises. Drop by!
  • 14:00 - Uta Ruppert, Johanna Kocks, Laura Mohr und Denise Siemer (all Goethe University Frankfurt): Transnational Feminist Solidarity - how does it work?Short input on the main stage on the Dannenrod sports field and afterwards 2-4 Exchange rounds (depending on the number of participants) in the workshop tents
  • 15:30 - Katharina Hoppe and Viona Hartmann (Goethe University Frankfurt): Ökofeminismus revisited.Lecture / presentation (on the main stage on the Dannenrod sports field) with exchange and subsequent discussion
  • 14:00 - Self-defense workshop for FLINT * Meeting point circus tent
  • DJane Sets von Seven (in the evening) on the main stage on the Dannenrod sports field
  • Live music from Little Miss Sunburb (in the course of the day) on the main stage on the Dannenrod sports field

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