How does good climate communication work?? - Interactive online workshop

20.09. - 22.09.
17:30 - 20:30


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Do you know that? You want to convince others, to save the climate and only reaps a shake of the head or lack of understanding. Or maybe even justified criticism, that leaves us speechless.

More and more people want to do something for the climate. The difficulties often arise then, when it comes to, to actually implement a project. Often it depends on the acceptance or enthusiasm of those involved. This is where good climate communication comes in: How can you design climate-friendly projects and communication about them in this way?, that it makes people want, to act?

Good climate communication is fact-based & feels (mostly) good at, she is authentic & sensitive, target- & target group specific. It shows possible courses of action & names advantages of climate-friendly behavior. And it docks with our everyday world and our values.

Kerstin Lopau from SoLocal Energy designed the journey into the world of climate communication with crisp information, numerous examples and exercises. Own examples, Questions and topics are expressly welcome and can be dealt with in the workshop.

The interactive workshop is divided into four thematic blocks with input and exercises.

1. Goals and target group of your own climate communication

2. The role of emotions and what helps us, to come into action

3. Facts: Which ones are important and how can I convey them well?

4. Resistance to climate protection: backgrounds, Strategies and how to deal with them

The workshop is divided into two parts, so the first on Monday and the second on Wednesday, each 17:30 to 20:30 Clock.

For registrations: Please register as soon as possible an, but at the latest 2 Days before the start of the workshop! Feel free to write something about your background and your expectations for the workshop. Before the workshop you will receive further information and the access data by email.

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