Train journey from Kassel to the demo in Wiesbaden: “Against right-wing and racist structures in the police and authorities”


Departure: Kassel Central Station

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Train departure meeting point at Kassel main station for a joint trip to the Wiesbaden demonstration “Against right-wing and racist structures in the police and authorities”

We're going to Wiesbaden: we meet on saturday, the 24.10.20 one 10 Clock at the Kulturbahnhof Kassel.
We want together with the Hessenticket 10:23 from track 7 mit dem RE fahren. Wenn Ihr mit wollt, please bring the appropriate change.
It can always 5 People on a Hessenticket, which costs 36 €, so does 7,20 Round trip!

Remember, Because of Corona, we want to keep the distance and think of your mouth / nose protection, in orange of course, if you have.


Information about the demo in Wiesbaden “Against right-wing and racist structures in the police and authorities”

Am 24. October from 14 Uhr a broad alliance takes to the streets in Wiesbaden to demonstrate against right-wing and racist structures in the authorities and the police. Unter ihnen auch das Wiesbaden alliance against the right. As part of this alliance, we also call on you on 24.10. from 2pm on the Reisinger facilities in Wiesbaden to show face to the right.


Stop !

Almost every day there are new reports about right-wing structures and networks with the police and security authorities.

It is enough!

There are new reports of police violence almost every day, Racial profiling and abuse of the monopoly of violence.

Wiesbaden is here with the 3. Police station particularly involved. Here computers were used and data was spied out, around people, who campaign against right-wing structures nationwide, threatening life and limb.

We, the Wiesbaden alliance against the right, accuse. We demand, that the police, as an armed state institution with a monopoly on the use of force, confronts these allegations and clears them up. That also includes, that the police as an institution must also face general suspicion in view of the possibilities available to them and the social consequences of the abuse of the monopoly of violence, that there is a structural problem here. Because several hundred incidents are no longer in question “Individual cases ".

We call for it, am 24.10.2020 to take to the streets together, to counter the danger of right-wing structures in the police, Security agencies and military, against police violence, To demonstrate racial profiling and all other misanthropic endeavors within these structures.

It is enough! We accuse. Loud and colorful: Am 24.10.2020 on the street. a 14:00 Clock on the Reisinger facilities in Wiesbaden.

Wiesbaden alliance against the right

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