action: Is the SPD on the coal exit?

13:45 - 15:00

City Hall Kassel

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On Monday it says City council meeting the motion initiated by the coalition kassel kohlefrei to phase out coal on the agenda. So far, this decision seemed to be a dry matter, The supervisory board of the municipal works had already committed itself to this goal. But now the corresponding commitment on the part of the city seems to be endangered. The Kassel CDU parliamentary group, who supports the application, plans to stay away from the meeting and the SPD parliamentary group has so far refused, to support the application. That begs the question, how much the SPD in Kassel really supports its formulated climate goals.

“It is completely incomprehensible to us, why the SPD did not officially phase out coal by the latest 2025 wants to confess”, so Marie Ossenkopf, Spokeswoman for kassel kohlefrei. The alliance had been successful last year 7500 Signatures collected for the coal phase-out in the Kassel district heating power plant on Dennhäuser Strasse. This caused a rethink at the municipal works, so that they plan their coal phase-out for the year 2025 preferred. “Now they should get the backing of city politics for this.”, so Ossenkopf, “Such processes always work best, if they are on a broad basis. In view of the upcoming local elections, we hope that all political groups will make climate-friendly decisions.”

With the application, the city council would vote for the implementation of the gradual coal phase-out of the municipal energy works + Wärme GmbH using climate-neutral energy sources in the Kassel district heating power plant on Dennhäuser Strasse (Niederzwehren) until the beginning of the heating season in autumn 2023 pronounce, provided the necessary approval procedures can be completed quickly. Otherwise, the coal exit should be at the latest 2025 be implemented. In addition, no new investment decisions in fossil fuels should normally be made. Among other things, this is intended to strengthen the dynamism of the renewable energy industry.

Quellen: Application to withdraw from coal burning in Kassel by no later than 2025

Of course we want to put more pressure on that. At the same time, dealing carefully with Corona is extremely important to us. So please decide for yourself, whether you want to take part in the event in view of the current infection situation. If you come: Always keep enough distance, brings masks and of course signs etc.. With. We look forward to seeing you!

Organized by: Kassel carbon-free


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