Aladin El-Mafaalani – The integration paradox

18:00 - 20:00


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Tuesdays from May to September 18-20 Clock
Traces + Documenta Institute

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Timber construction next to the Luther Church in Kassel (Map)

art, aimed at the present, inevitably has to do with the sometimes quite poisoned conditions of art, to do with politics and society. Against this background, the talks explore the early entanglements of documenta, but they also ask the question, how contemporary art positions itself in today's world of global conflicts. What can and should art do in the face of a pandemic and war?

3. May → Julia Voss & Heinz Bude
• Experiences with an exhibition

10. Mai → Anselm Doering-Manteuffel & Heinz Bude
• How many thirties are in the fifties?

17. May → Klaus Holz & Heinz Bude
• Anti-Semitism against Israel

31. Never → Carlo Gentile, Vincenza Benedictine & Maria Neumann
• Werner Haftmann, Director of the New National Gallery in Berlin.
Temporary exhibitions and purchasing policy (1967–1974)

07. June → Tamara Bodden
• "Art first, money second!The documenta financial deficit
in public discourse.

14. June → Maria Neumann & Claudia C. Gatzka
• Post-war culture in Italy and Germany

21. June → Natan Sznaider, Rene Aguigah & Heinz Bude
• Holocaust oder Postcolonial Studies. ask, which
cannot be solved scientifically

28. June → Claus Leggewie, Daniel Cohn-Bendit & Heinz Bude
• The dispute between memory and memory

5. Juli → Aladin El-Mafaalani & Heinz Bude
• The integration paradox

19. Juli → Andreas Reckwitz & Heinz Bude (17 Clock)
• Experiences of loss in late modern societies

23. August → Robert Misik & Heinz Bude
• Left Art

30. August → Bazon Brock & Heinz Bude
• Art as the other of culture

13. September → David van Reybrouck & Heinz Bude
• Indonesia and the Birth of Global Modernity

20. September → Nanne Buurman
• Hegemonies of Healing, or: documenta as a Haunted House

The series of talks "Talks about Contemporary Art" is a cooperation between TRACES and the documenta Institute.

That in the fall 2019 Founded Transdisciplinary Research Center for Exhibition Studies (TRACES) bundles the research on the documenta and exhibition studies at the Kunsthochschule Kassel/Kassel University across departments. This makes it a nationally and internationally unique institution for exhibition research.

About the documenta Institute
The documenta Institute is a cooperation between the state of Hesse, of the city of Kassel, the documenta and Museum Fridericianum gGmbH and the University of Kassel with the art college with financial participation for the construction project by the Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media. 2020 became Professor Dr. Heinz Bude appointed founding director.

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