Bambule Festival: Right to the City as a Concrete Utopia Successes, Setbacks and ambivalences of urban social movements

15:00 - 17:00

Färberei, Kassel

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lecture: Nicole Vrenegor

“If we take the right to the city, not only the city is changing. Our reference points change, relationships and encounters. (…) So let's take the right to the city! It's on the street, it hangs in trees and hides under cobblestones", so invited activist:inside in summer 2009 to the right to the city days in Hamburg. The result was a movement for a city for all, the some cooperative projects, like the Gängeviertel or the fux barracks, could implement. Other campaigns, however, z.B. against rising rents or for a rent cap, were less successful. The basic situation on the high-priced Hamburg apartment- and the real estate market remains extremely tense.

What other city's ideas and desires shine through in current urban social movements? How should we imagine a city, in which the right to the city is realized? What does right to the city mean in a global context? How does a utopian excess show up, inherent in every emancipative movement, in concrete processes of appropriation of the city? I would like to discuss these and other questions and bring examples of city initiatives from Hamburg with me. That's what I'm about, experiences about successes, To share and discuss together setbacks and ambivalences of urban social movements, like cities of the future in the face of multiple crises (Climate change, power supply, global inequality, etc.) could look like. How could ways towards a socio-ecological transformation of cities be found?

Saturday, 16.7. / 15 Clock / Färberei

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